How does the Sponsored Slim work?
When will the sponsored slim take place?
Who can take part?
What diet will be followed?
How do I record my weight?
What will  the sponsor money be used for?
The sponsored slim will run from January 1st 2012 until 31st March 2012. Each participant may choose the date they start and finish within that period. These dates will be recorded and shown on the sponsorship forms.
Anyone who would like to lose some weight and help raise funds for Nettlestead Village Hall. The target weight loss must not take the participants BMI below 20.  You can calculate your BMI here
Please check with you doctor if you are in any doubt or suffer from any medical conditions.
Each participant can decide which dieting regime will work for them.  You can start or continue to attend slimming clubs or specific diets or may simply choose to moderate your portion sizes and take more exercise. The choice is yours as long as you make sure that you maintain a healthy diet.
There is no requirement to be weighed in public nor will your sponsors be told how much you weigh. A weight loss certificate will be provided at the end of the sponsored period which will state how much weight you have lost. This will be signed by a person that you have nominated as your verifyer. This may be your spouse, partner, relative, friend, slimming club leader etc.  You will also be given a card to record your weight  on from start to end of the diet period. We will ask for regular updates to see how you are getting on. The start and end weigh-in should be at the same time of day and wearing clothes/shoes of a similar weight.