Nettlestead Village Hall AGM 11/5/12  Chairman’s Report


This year got off to a slow start with the difficulties involved in forming a committee. This was resolved in August and since then we have been extremely busy.


The state of the roof over the main hall had reached the point where we agreed to stop taking casual hires in October.   The roof was repaired in December by over-cladding the existing roof. Due to the urgency of the need for repair the cost was met from the reserve funds.


Once the main hall was back in business the committee turned their focus to the need for a disabled toilet. This is a legal requirement. After considering alternative options it was agreed to extend the toilet block which would not only satisfy the legal requirement but would also allow the provision of modern toilet facilities throughout. The plans for the extension were made available to the public by display in the hall and on our web site. We have successfully obtained planning permission and approved building regulations for the proposed extension. We are progressing with raising the necessary funding.


This year has also proven to be a difficult one for the central heating boiler. It has required regular visits from the service engineer and if all goes according to plan will be replaced in the summer months. We hope to receive a grant from Paulina Stockell, our KCC councillor towards the cost.


This year has also seen the introduction of our new monthly newsletter and our web site .   The newsletter was introduced to serve two main purposes.

  1. To ensure that everyone – hirers, local residents, visitors – are kept aware of what the committee is planning
  2.  To advertise the events that are being held in the hall


The newsletter is available in the hall and is also emailed out to a circulation list. It is hoped that this circulation list will grow over time so that future events can attract a wider audience.


I would like to say a special thank you to our three members of staff Lil Medcraft, Paul Welch and Maria Kyne, Between them they keep the hall running on a day-to-day basis. The roles that they fill are all part-time and I ask that contact is made during normal working hours wherever possible.


In the new financial year we have already started a programme of events to raise funds for the hall and to reach out to the community and hopefully provide a low cost source of entertainment on the doorstep. So far the response has been a little disappointing but we will continue to stage events and always welcome ideas for social events that will appeal to people in the local neighbourhoods.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us.